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The Answers You Need

Anyone who has arrived in Canada within the last 10 years, regardless of immigration status or country of origin.

Who is classified as a newly arrived Canadian?

The Utimus team is made up of many newly arrived Canadians, who know what it is like to establish themselves in a new country.

Who is on the Utimus team?

Please sign up for our current and future programs using the following link: Once you have signed up, a Utimus mentor will be assigned to you in our system. They will then reach out and guide you on next steps if there is an active program suitable for you. 


If you qualify for one of our active programs, your mentor will work with you to fill out a registration form and sign you up with our various partner organizations for training sessions and job fairs. It is very important for your success in the program that you communicate often with your Utimus mentor, complete registration in a timely manner and participate in training programs.


If we don't have any program openings, we will sign you up to have first access to new programs in your area as well as our online learning tool.

How does it work?

Our core programs are offered free of charge to participants, so there is no cost to you at all. Funding for these programs is provided by governments and other organisations, so there is no cost to you. In some special cases, we may be approached by training institutions who want to offer their courses to you at a discounted rate, and we will let you know when these opportunities arise.

Who is responsible for covering the cost of training?

Canada needs a skilled workforce to grow our economy, and so we need you to become a more skilled worker. We want to help you get training and qualifications so that you can get the best job possible. A better job helps you build a better life for your family and make a more meaningful contribution to our community.

Why does this program exist?

No, the programs are free to you, and paid for by the government and other organizations. You graduate with qualifications, and get a better job, but you won’t owe anything.

Will I owe any money once I commit to and complete the training?

We have programs for all newly arrived Canadians, at all skill levels, wherever you came from originally.

What if I am not a newly arrived Ukrainian or Afghan?

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