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UTIMUS means "We Employ" in Latin

Our motto is "We Empower Employment."


Through our network of partners, we identify, recruit, train, mentor, and place newly arrived Canadians into meaningful jobs across Canada.

Who We Are


The team at UTIMUS has helped thousands of New-Canadians, particularly Afghans and Ukrainians. Since 2023, we have expanded our support services to include all newly arrived Canadians, which is anyone who has arrived in Canada within the last 10 years, regardless of country of origin.


Utimus works with partners and governments to assist in successful job placements, online training and upskilling initiatives for newly arrived Canadians, and help them gain Canadian-certified credentials, and then better jobs.


We recognize that finding meaningful work and retraining to enhance your employment can be a daunting process. Utimus provides mentors for our program participants to ensure they are cared for along the path to full employment. Our mentors have been through the process successfully, so they help our participants through their own deep personal insight. Utimus mentors also help participants in their native language as required. This personal mentorship helps ensure that our participants graduate from our programs and get placed in good jobs. We continue to support our participants after employment, thereby increasing retention rates for employers.

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