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Ukrainians: Escaping Conflict, Forging New Paths

This past summer, we celebrated several milestones, but one of the standout moments has been our participation in summer festivals, most notably the Toronto Ukrainian Festival and the 32nd Annual Ukrainian Independence Day Commemoration.

During these events, our dedicated Ukrainian team welcomed so many under our tent.

In a world of Zoom and FaceTime, you are reminded the value of face-to-face meetings. We connected with many incredible people and heard inspiring stories of those fleeing the war in Ukraine. It gave our team a renewed sense of purpose and energized us.

Canada has taken a leading role in its commitment to support those affected by the war in Ukraine but incredibly, for so many, escaping the war is just the start of the journey. Ukrainians come to Canada with a wealth of experience, often speaking multiple languages, having never been unemployed, but still, trying to find work once here, can be a shock. It is the same questions so many newly arrived Canadians ask: How can I find meaningful and lasting work in Canada?

This past summer was a great chance for our team to be reminded of the vital importance of our mission. Utimus remains is committed to supporting newcomers on their journey to finding good jobs, and there is a brighter future. And we are here to help.

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